28 October, 2017

The thrill of over-running

Last week I signed up for the Bangalore Ultra Marathon 2017 in the 50Kms category. It's exactly two weeks away. The 11th of Nov, 2017. This will be my first time in this event. 'I'm grossly under-prepared' is putting it very mildly. Actually, I haven't prepared at all. But the event has been on my mind for two years now and I couldn't wait to be prepared for it. I'll just be waiting forever then I guess! I know for sure it's going to be a gruelling thing. So I don't even bother to prepare for that, except in my mind. I'm still only training physically and mentally for TWCM. The simple reason being: TWCM is a target I want to take on. The Ultra is an experience I want to feel. For the most part of my running these three years, I haven't prepared for any experience. Experience is what happens when I'm not prepared for it. (My first two half-marathons are a testament to that). I only try to learn from it afterwards as much as I can. And that is exactly why I signed up for the Ultra, because I want to know what it will take to be prepared for it the next time. But I hope to be just able to finish it this first time. No timing targets. So, this time it's going to be a purely mental game, with little support from my body. I'm already telling my legs to brace for impact.

But, I have a simple plan on what might help me finish it this first time. I'll come back to write about it if it works. For now, it's only a decent sketch in my mind. If it works, it'll also mean I might have a workable training method for how to prepare for a Half-marathon vs Full-marathon vs Ultra-marathon that might help going forward.

By the way, did I tell you I have not run a Full-marathon till date?! Now that is certainly overdoing! But I can't wait for the thrill of running the Ultra, or over-running it!

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