14 January, 2014

A resolution to change?

Ok. I get it. I think I need to change. As in, not change myself altogether, but change a part of me that could well do away with the seriousness. I myself think I should stop being so serious... serious about everything, serious about nothing (does that still count as being serious?); serious about life and about the million little things that shape my life; serious about my fucking philosophy (did I get the phrase right?), and above all, seriously avoid the serious, thoughtful, composed look I wear on my face all the time. Ok, I will change that look, but I won't use fairness cream to change the way I look. I don't care how I look to others, I only care how I feel about myself. Oops, I got serious!

Coming to the main point of this post: I don't like the resolution crap. Every new year, someone or the other definitely asks 'what is your resolution this year?'. If you don't know me and ask me 'what is your resolution', let me tell you something. It's crap. It's nonsense. Agreed, resolutions are about right things, things we think are essential/good to make oneself better. But, just as it is said that 'There's a never wrong time to do the right thing', there is never a right time to do the right thing either. There is just 'enough time' or 'not enough time'. It is illogical that one has to wait for the right time to do something, one just has time or does not have time. Mind you, this is applicable only for the right and reasonable things. Don't do anything wrong or stupid and then come back to me. It's not on me, got it?

Oops, I got serious again! Well, I don't think I can stop being serious. Live with that too! Thanks.


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