16 September, 2013

Humor from tragedy and comedy

Every man has enough of a mix of tragedy and comedy in his life to create a masterpiece of pristine humor! A life without such humor isn't a life lived well! And a life that hasn't known that such a life is humor, hasn't lived at all!

13 September, 2013

Are you people serious?!

Considering that I would've seen many of these posts myself over and over again, let's say, 25-30% revisits, that's still well above 5000 views! And discounting another 50% for machine views, that's still close to 2500-3000 views! Well.. Bless you souls who have stopped by this space, all these years. And be blessed even more so.. those of you who took the time to comment and provide feedback.

12 September, 2013

A life full of love

not one, nor two, and not once, nor twice,
a game of this and that, of back and forth,
in zest and true spirit, and not of its rules,
but bent here, broken there, with no fixes.
Still, not the time to regret, nor cry over,
not halfway through yet, hard or smooth,
the love of it, in bits and pieces all over,
yet, the journey isn't finished, way to go.
Counting on courage to take it all in stride, 
and the will to keep moving, and not tired,
strength in solitude to give good company,
to keep testing the limits of its endurance.
Now to kill a hope with a will to resurge,
to rise again above all the clouds of loss,
to keep feet steady, and the head strong,
to not tremble with hurt, pain or sorrow.
To not ever be crushed by weight of love -
that love that wasn't gained nor was lost;
that love that simply was and also wasn't -
but hold the head, and inspire the heart.
The only way is where the heart is, that
stands this all and still wants it even more;
that pure spirited life of adventure and joy,
of courage, of hope, and one, again, of love.

07 September, 2013

the song of life

streaks of yellow, dull first and bright soon,
tear through the black and blue sky,
swords of orange follow suit soon enough,
cutting across the silver horizon.
One faint light's born, so eager to grow,
consume and subsume the whole world below,
drowning out the million little lights below that,
at best, lit landscapes in pieces, here and there.
The orange rays are golden now, revealing lines
that are mountain tops in the midst of vast plains.
All life awakens with the rhythm of this song,
the song of the sun, of the earth, of life.
The song of life that unites all souls,
with a meaning so intricate and connected,
every breath of every being taken in tandem,
to tune to the beats and the rhythm of the song