23 March, 2013

Solitude and Loneliness

"A man stupid enough to spoil an hour of solitude with a thought of a moment of loneliness does not deserve the solitude in the first place."


"Solitude brings to a longing man, hope; to a troubled man, wisdom; and to a contented man, boredom."

Saving self-respect

"For man in the troubled company of other men and things that disturb, in ways big or small, his self-respect, there are but two solutions. One, to avoid, altogether, the company of such men and things; or Two, pretend, with a total detachment of an untainted soul, to be just another man in the thick of such men and things, and pretend to convince himself that self-respect is over-rated. Any middle way is sure to cause harm, as it does to most men."

Saving truth

"Most often, the best way to save a truth is to avoid telling it, because most people do not deserve to know it. Lesser the number of people knowing a truth, safer are its priceless secrets and lessons. That is the only way to protect the sanctity and profundity of any truth."

Everyday Living

"The simplest essence and purpose of everyday living is to go to sleep without regret and to wake up with hope"

Back to basics!

I should admit that for quite some time now, I've been a bit too ambitious about taking this space further, by stopping to write here and moving all my great writing(!) to a secret, undisclosed place, unleashing my full imagination there and building up some good writing... and ultimately becoming an author! Well.. so far the dream is so good. But I should say a little bit of practicality also helps.

I'm adivising myself to take it one step at a time, and not miss the wood for the trees. So I'll continue to write here too, and when the time is right, hopefully it all comes together to make a fine piece! If you really liked my writing, and waited to hear something like this from me (Your God bless you!), pray for me for your sake, so that you end up with a good book of mine in hand, in the near, foreseeable future!

Welcome back to reading my scribbles yet again!

"One step at a time"