26 June, 2013

The machine that man is

Regardless of how well-oiled, maintained and fit the mind is, if the fuel does not come from the heart, man is never auto-motivated!

09 June, 2013

Rebirth of the soul

Behind a mask of lies and torment,
lies a face, stiffened by falsehood,
awaiting a spark to ignite them all,
and burn them down, hell after hell.

Out of the carnage rises the soul again,
emboldened by the will to take fire,
to die and be born, time and time again,
death after death, and, life after life.

With a wish timeless, and hope eternal,
the next life sure to be made better,
than the vanity and lies of the last one,
to die for the sins, and be born again.

Amidst chaos is calm and composed, the soul.
so what of all the lies of the last life, and
so what of all the hopes of the next one?
When hopes win over lies, is the glory of rebirth!

Life and death

Not a day goes by, in these times,
that I don't look up the sky for you,
when at times there's too much to take,
with you, they would've been easier.
I feel you pretty strong, but sans touch,
the warmth and life, sans holding hands,
Alas, not much remain but thoughts,
of how nice life would've been, together.
Not much remain but strong memories,
some momentous and some fleeting.
Somewhere beyond the clouds, in the azure,
I know you're there, silently watching.
But the clouds stay too long sometimes,
stealing the view, that of the grandeur in you.
Still, every dawn when the sun rises up,
I see you, feel you, hold you, and hug you.
You're with me, I know, stronger than ever.
Though sometimes you're just too far away,
that I know you want me to get on, by myself.
We'll always play this game of hide and seek,
where when you hide, you want me to be strong,
be brave and keep pushing through the crowd,
and when you seek me, then you'll know,
that I've lived and outlived the trivial world,
then I'll join you in the abode of great Gods,
the likes of you and me the world'd never know.

07 June, 2013

Die hard thoughts

Some thoughts, like habits, die hard!